Cat Ninja UnblockedIn case you are a fan of adventure games like me, you will probably love to hear that, there is a new amazing flash game called Cat Ninja unblocked. The game is free to play and you can enjoy it on our blog.

So the main idea of the game is to collect all crystal parts, which are scattered across countless levels. Obtaining all crystal parts is not that easy, along the way you will face a lot of obstacles, a lot of challenging traps, explosives, flying blades, laser beams, etc. You will have to focus all your attention on the map, find new solutions, and new ways of approaching, and use all your ninja skills in order to succeed in the game.

The game is challenging, it has thrill, fun, and adventures in it, if you are a true gamer, if you love new scenarios if you love to solve different quests you will definitely appreciate all the fun that this game can offer you.

Please check other games on our blog as well, we focus usually on adventure games and we add only decent ones. If you have some suggestions we would love to hear about them as well. okay, that is all that I wanted to tell you so far, now let’s continue with our guide, shall we?

How to play:
As I have said before, the main objective of the game is to grab all crystals and save the world, in order to achieve this task, the game offers a lot of different ninja skills. You can, for example, use roll and break obstacles in front of you, you can use jump and break move, you can use double jump, wall climb, etc. There are tons of different ninja skills in the game and if you will use them correctly you will overcome all obstacles.

Keep in mind that, there might be a lot of hidden traps in the game, especially watch out for the areas where crystals are located, there are usually the hardest obstacles.

Use either arrow keys for movement or W, A, S, or D buttons.
Combination of jumping and down arrow keys can perform super crashing moves, it will break all obstacles beneath you (can be used in different occasions).
Down arrow key and movement in different directions (left or right) can perform the rolling move, you will roll with great speed and strength (can be used to break obstacles which are located in front of you. Works the same way as super crashing move).
Double jump is also available in the game, press up arrow key (or W) twice and you will perform it.
Wall jump can be performed, with the help of jump and right (or left) arrow buttons, cat will use its ninja skills and climb the wall easily.

There might be other moves as well, the game will give you tips in this case (under the map), read them carefully.

Hint: super crashing move can be used to press different buttons and for example – deactivate lasers.

Great evil destroyed huge energy crystals and scattered all broken parts across the world, across the dangerous world, which is filled with different traps and obstacles. Your main job in the Cat Ninja is to collect all these pieces and save the world from a huge devastating explosion. The quest for the magical energy crystals is not easy at all, it is challenging and dangerous and your ninja skills can be used to complete it.

Unblocked mode:
The game also has an unblocked version as well, in this mode you have all features unlocked, this way you can enjoy the game fully.

In order to make a game a little bit easier for you, there have been added many different checkpoints. You can use them to save your game progress, in the case of death you won’t have to start everything from the beginning, you can continue the game from your last checkpoint over and over again until you will manage to complete a specific area of the level and reach next checkpoint.

Play it from the phone:
Did you know? You can now download this amazing online game on your device and play it there, It sounds awesome, right? Check the download links below and have fun =)

*** If you will notice that one of the download links is broken please let us know about it and we will find a new one asap!

Breaking news! Trending new puzzle game – Sugar Sugar 3, a user-suggested online game!

Greetings, so are you into puzzle games just like me? I can play all day long creative and intelligent games that require you to think, before making any decisions. One of the best puzzle games which I was able to find today is Sugar Sugar 3, I enjoyed this game so much that I have decided to build this fan-made website to allow everyone enjoys it for free.

Basically what you do in this game is draw lines, but unlike other boring games, you must draw these lines in such a way that falling sugar went into different cups and you must fill all cups one by one. Make sure that you create the correct paths and make sure that you don’t block other empty cups; otherwise, you will have to clear the map and start everything from scratch.

The game has many different levels; each case is unique and requires different methods of approach, like I have said before this is an interesting game and it won’t leave you bored.

As you can see this is the third version of the game, if you want to find the previous two versions tell us about it comments section below and we will add them for you.

Video guide:
New to this game? Check the following video guide and learn how to play it like a pro.

This is an awesome adventure game, in terms of difficulty I would call it moderate one, it is not impossibly hard, but it has challenging missions as well. There are various quests in the game, quests usually make the game more interesting and enjoyable so I appreciate that developers added it here.

Like I have mentioned it before there are various challenges in the game, the main one is collecting crystals, I know that we already covered it before, but I still want to repeat that collecting crystals is extremely important and your victory depends on this mission alone. Make sure that you don’t miss a single one during your adventures.

User suggestions:
Guys, please be more active with your suggestions… We were hoping to see more game suggestions, sadly so far so good we have only two: Learn to Fly and Earn To Die 2. Sure, both of the games are awesome, they are challenging and entertaining, but we were hoping to see more suggestions from you. We already added some guides for these games, read them if you want, you might like these online games as well.

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