How to contact you guys?  It is pretty easy, use spell, or magic ball. Just kidding, visit this form and contact us from there
 What are the odds that this site will be closed?  There is nothing eternal in this life is there? Of course, this site will close one day, that is for sure, but for now, we stand strong here!
 Why did you choose Cat Ninja as the main game of this blog?  It is pretty simple actually, this game reminds me of one of the games which I used to play in childhood on my old phone, oh all the memories…
 How is your forum is going so far?  Which forum? Oh, you mean the one that we were planning to add here? We are working on it.
 YOu people really love adventure games right?  You have no idea how much we love this category, but we are playing RPG, shooting games as well. We are gamers, we love all types of online games.
 DO you consider yourself as a good gamer?  Well, one thing is for sure, I’m not total scrub and that already makes me good enough in online games.
 Do you people sell services?  NO! I have mentioned it this before, read carefully! We are fans of gaming, we don’t sell anything, we just popularize online games.
 Do you plan to add more people to your team?  Sure, we are looking for professional developers, writers and gamers. If you are skilled in these subjects contact us.

Are you happy with our answers? If not you can always send specific questions on our contact form, we usually answer within the day.