Wait, wait, wait, so you actually want to know more about us? That is just amazing, we appreciate your interest in our work and we want to do our best to deliver all the details that are important for you.

Okay first of all this is a free blog that delivers free games. We won’t ask you to pay anything, won’t ask you to subscribe to some weird service and we will offer only free online games. Usually, popular games will be added here, we have decided to choose popular games because we consider it as a good indicator of the quality of the game. We are open to suggestions and new ideas as well, you can send them via the contact form if you want to.

About the people behind the blog
We are web developers, we are game developers and we are gamers as well. We love to create new games, write different scenarios in them, and of course offer them to you. Gaming is really amazing thing, we believe that online games help people to develop various skills, the number one thing is imagination and the ability to solve different tasks fast. Games can have huge benefits and we are doing our best to popularize this subject.

Do we look like people with plans? Funny quote from one of the memes… anyway what I’m trying to say here is that we don’t usually make plans, we tend to just move forward and see what comes out of it. We love to solve different tasks and we love to create new things. We believe in luck and we don’t think that much about the future. Right now we are working on a forum project, I hope we can finish it successfully.

In the end
In the end, it doesn’t even matter, games always have been important for us, we love to play together, we love to share new video guides, new articles, and content in general and we are going to do it in the future as well. Stay with us, read our guides, and let’s make gaming more interesting and entertaining!