Welcome to our Community: Embrace Freedom with Responsibility!

In this space of free-spirited individuals, we cherish the essence of liberty. However, to uphold the positivity of our community, foster a friendly friend cycle, and maintain courteous conversations, a few rules are essential. So, let’s dive into the guidelines that will undoubtedly enrich our collective experience:

  1. Spread Love, Not Hate:
    • No hate speech is permitted on our site. Let’s build an atmosphere where respect and understanding thrive.
  2. Earn Gold with Skills, Not Scripts:
    • Say no to hacks and cheats! Let your prowess shine and be the source of your success. Fair play ensures a level playing field for everyone.
  3. Keep it Clean:
    • No swearing, please. Let’s maintain a comments section that’s free from unnecessary negativity. Clean and constructive discussions are the key.
  4. Respect Copyrights:
    • Don’t use the content of our site or another user’s without proper permissions. Respect intellectual property to foster a creative and collaborative environment.
  5. Originality Matters:
    • Before posting tips, ensure they’re not redundant. Let’s keep the content fresh and avoid repetition.
  6. Uniqueness is Key:
    • No duplicate content allowed. Let your guides stand out; uniqueness adds value to our shared knowledge.
  7. Admins Wanted – Experience Required:
    • We welcome new admins, but a basic level of experience is a must. Let’s ensure our team is equipped to maintain the excellence of our community.
  8. Enjoy the Game, Spread Smiles:
    • The ultimate rule – enjoy the game, have fun, and smile often. After all, this is why we’re here. Let positivity be the cornerstone of our interactions.

Following these rules is not only a commitment to the community but a testament to your decency as an individual. Best of luck in your next match, and if you ever have questions, the contact form is just a click away.

Let the spirit of camaraderie and good sportsmanship prevail!